Saturday, February 1, 2014

Eating Healthy

Using essential oils is a very important part of staying healthy although, WE also need to be watching what foods we are putting into our bodies. The essential oils can drastically improve your health but they don't magically make it healthy for you to go eat a Big Mac and shake! We need to be eating things that are going to make us feel energized and strong!  I am not saying to totally change your diet right away... you can start slow like I did.

First I started eating salads (spinach salads) as a side dish. I would take spinach and put feta cheese, cucumbers, carrots, and avocados..... So yummy! Then, I started eating fruit for a light snack. After that I starting making healthy smoothies every morning. I would put in some frozen fruit (fresh fruit if I had it) and lots of kale and spinach! I would also add half of a banana and some Naked juice to make it more smoothie like. I was shocked that you couldn't even taste the kale or spinach... but I knew I was getting some healthy nutrition every time I had my smoothie. I also have been buying more and more organic food... which I can tell is so much better for me and my family. I also try to buy food from the famers market or local famers who have fresh fruits and vegetables. Just start small and you will notice a huge change in the way you feel!

What are some healthy meals you eat?

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